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The RRA Reporting Forms are available on the USBR Website: Please note the following reporting issues:

  • Know your Entitlements and pay close attention to them. This oversight can be costly for Prior Law landholders. Errors may not always be caught during the busy part of a reporting season. A good resource for landholders is the USBR website ( Click on the "RRA Fact Sheets" on the left of the screen.
  • Landholding Changes that happen during the water year (these include lease changes, marriage, divorce, or change in percentage), require a new RRA form. You have 30 days to verbally notify us, and 60 days from transfer of title/deed, to complete new forms.
  • Please contact this office if you plan to create a new entity or Trust, as the proper forms must be submitted before the land can receive water. The new landholders must file proper forms on, or before, the date the transfer of title occurs (the date deeds are signed). Allow ample time for completion of forms for new landholders. This process is sometimes difficult when obtaining the necessary signatures and checking entitlements.
  • Lease copies may be requested at any time by the USBR. They must be current, in writing, and the terms cannot exceed 10 crop years. When reporting a lease, please include the beginning and ending dates, as well as consistent reporting between the landowner and lessee.
Be Proactive to prevent delay in water delivery or possible problems with a Water District Review (RRA Audit)
  • Full Cost Charges must be paid in full prior to water delivery.
  • Use irrigable acres listed on your QCBID Assessment or the acre amounts stated in your lease for owned or operated land. Try to keep this consistent with previous reporting years.
  • Multi-district landholders (who own/operate land in more than one district) must ensure forms are filed in each district. We no longer take responsibility for copying and distributing forms to each district involved in your landholding situation.
  • Early Irrigation Water: Please complete RRA Reporting Forms prior to March 1st if you anticipate the need for early water delivery.
  • Signature Authorization: Some situations create a hardship for individuals to complete RRA Reporting. Please contact the RRA Administrator for options available that give a trusted friend, contact, or family member signing authorization. These authorizations are only for RRA Reporting purposes and may be a solution to the problem.
  • Social Security Numbers are not a reporting requirement.  Please do not include them on any RRA form.
  • Verify Forms can be submitted only if there are no changes in reporting information and every other year, to maintain current landholding information on file.
  • An incomplete form, or a form completed in pencil, will be returned & may delay water delivery.
  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of reporting information. It is up to each landholder to report accurately and honestly their landholding situation before they request water delivery.
  • Allow ample processing time; at least two weeks before you anticipate you will need water. Forms submitted to the Royal Office need one additional day to process. Also, entities/individuals with large landholdings should report prior to March 1st.
  • A missing form will cause a delay in water delivery.
  • Have written documentation available for reported leases, trusts, and company or partnership agreements. As required by the RRA and Acreage Limitation Rules and Regulations, the USBR reviews trust documents and leases to determine if the land held in trusts, and land being leased, is eligible to receive Reclamation irrigation water.
  • Consistency is essential when completing RRA forms. Use only standard USBR approved RRA forms and continuation forms to provide all reporting information.
  • Internet Users can complete RRA forms online at Make sure to choose the appropriate form then follow the directions, print it, sign it, then return either the original or a physical copy to the Quincy office. Forms will be reviewed for complete information and signatures before water will be cleared for delivery.
Please Check the Following:
  • Reporting forms are submitted two weeks before you expect water delivery. Remember, water is not cleared until both owner and lessee forms have been submitted and all part-owners have completed an RRA form when involved with an entity. Large landholdings take longer to review, so whenever possible, please file forms prior to March 1st.
  • The form is completed in Dark Blue or Black Ink only.
  • All required signatures are on the form and the signature is dated.
  • Complete, accurate mailing and telephone information
  • All blanks are completed, as they pertain to your landholding situation.
  • All land is included & listed separately by unit or portion (continuation sheets are available, as needed). Land not listed, will not be cleared for water delivery.
  • Totals are accurate, completed, and in the appropriate place on the form.
  • Leases are reported correctly, listing the beginning and ending dates and reflect the same information for the owner and lessee. In accordance with the RRA (section 426.6), terms of a lease cannot exceed 10 crop years.
  • Keep a copy (original goes to District) of completed forms for your records and future reference.